Be a Bright Shining Star


Use of a candle flame for scrying can be a powerful and illuminating tool. Today I was reminded that even though we all suffer the painful agony of the cross each of us bears in human form, it is not the suffering that need be at the center of our hearts. When we focus on and see the good in our lives (there are so many blessings to be thankful for), the inner light of the soul, which is within each of our hearts, begins to burn brighter and not only radiate a higher vibrational energy out toward the world and others, but also serves as a conduit in which to attract to itself similar or like energies. Like the breath or wind gives fuel for the fire, we must light the inner flame of the spirit within so that we can expand this flickering flame and become the bight, sparkling, illuminated shining stars we were born to be. Until the next magickal moment, may peace, love and light burn brightly within your hearts.


In the Beginning…

I began making candles with my mother and sister in Orlando, FL in the early ’70s. My mother, not only a preacher’s wife and housewife, but also part Cherokee, part Jew, part angel and part psychic, taught my sister and I the Native American tradition of honoring kindred spirits and how to work with Mother Earth. Mom is gifted at sewing and making crafts and seemed to always be making something. One warm Fall day, my sister and I watched as she showed us how to make a totem pole. Through color and symbols it seemed to emanate its own powers. Unable to resist the stirring spirit within, I lifted it high into the southeasterly winds and said a quiet prayer. On that day long ago spent creating something beautiful out of almost nothing, I had no idea what the world would have in store for me, or what I may present to the world, but I believe this was the moment that charted the course that began me on a long and often rocky path leading to the creation of my passion and gift to the world, “Candle Charms”.

That same year my sister and I received a joint Christmas gift from our mother.  It was a candle making kit that came with 2 plastic molds, paraffin wax, dye and some paint.  My sister chose to make an orange mushroom and I got to make a green frog. She came so perfectly out of the mold that I named her “Peace” and painted her eyes white with long wispy eyelashes and matching toes :).  That was the first candle I ever made.  I was 9 years old.

Today, in the 21st century, I use natural palm wax (grown from a sustainable source that does not threaten the ecosystem) to make hand-poured pillar candles that contain the highest quality fragrance oils (which include the highest concentration of essential oils available on the market, which = less chemicals), and 100% cotton wick. The fragrances are mixed by myself with the intention of combining the energies of Mother Earth to correspond and align with the intention of the candle being created, I then add in the magic of color and herbs and throw in a dash of the oldest magic itself, quartz crystal, to synthesize and ignite the energies… and VOILA:  A Candle Charm.

Candle Charms are made out of my home in Woodbridge, VA.  The following lines constitute the collection:  SPIRITUAL & DEVOTIONAL CANDLES (Celtic, Christian, Eastern, Egyptian, Greek and Pagan); ANIMAL SPIRIT GUIDE CANDLES (including mythological); INTENTION CANDLES; and SPECIAL ORDER CANDLES (birthday, wedding, any occasion).

So you may be wondering what religion is behind Candle Charms?  Many may think I just got confused and was unable to decide.  There is no easy answer to this question.  I was raised in a Christian home and will always adhere to the tenets of Christianity but  as a mystic/spiritualist (one of the most ancient of all belief systems), I have been led down many spiritual paths and have learned and gained much from all of them.  I honor and embrace many forms of religion but do not belong to any of them.  It is my belief that each of us should find our own path back to Heaven.  My path is not limited by any one religion but is a path that seeks to honor Divinity, Nature, and the Spirit within.  Candle Charms is simply an expression of all I have learned.  By blending ancient spiritual teachings, combining the magic of nature, and infusing the actual creation of each candle with intentions of love, blessings and healing, I trust that these wonderful, beautiful Candle Charms may bless all who choose to burn them.

Wishing you all many blessings.