So much for the (Holidays) Holy Days…


Have you ever met a Christian who did not celebrate Christmas as Christ’s birthday? Weird, huh? Welcome to my world and I’m not sure I can adequately explain or if I even have to but here goes …

If you’ve read my blog, you know I’m a preacher’s daughter (which are rumored by many to be the worst) but, unlike most Christians who celebrate Christmas as a spiritually miraculous night in history when the prophesied Messiah was born of a virgin (half Holy Spirit of God/half woman), my parents taught their children that Christmas had nothing to do with the birth of a Savior and Messiah nor with some made-up fake Santa Claus who had a sleigh with flying reindeer that delivered gifts to nice children. And so it was the hard core reality to my brothers, sister, and me that Santa was nothing more than mom deciding if you were good enough to get your gun or game or the baby doll you dreamed of loving under the tree or if that Christmas you were to be so sick that you could only dream of tasting the candy in your Christmas stocking. I can only remember being too sick every Christmas to even imagine enjoying all the sweets.

As much as I revere and adore this holy day, it remains a challenge to me even after 50 years. SURPRISE!!! I am over half a century old and I still am having difficulties understanding all this.

But I have celebrated Christmas over the last 3 decades how I choose and that’s progression, I think (although almost always alone). Each day is what we make it – whether a holy day or not – designated or not – each day is what we make of it. Choose the day, choose your gratefulness, choose your holy day (preferably every day) but choose a day to honor and glorify the spirit within your heart. The true meaning to me of Christmas is not what I was taught – it is lovely and nice when mom and dad buy toys for their children who have been good boys and girls – but nothing can compare to the glory of spirit in all its rejoicing of knowing that the night Jesus Christ was born was truly a Holy Night. Blessed Be this Season.


The High Stakes Risk of Following Your Heart


The High Stakes Risk of Following Your Heart

As I lie awake in the early dark hours of the morning, I wonder what percentage (statistically) of the human race will ever actually have the opportunity to risk it all for the sake of following their heart.

Today is the 27th day I have been unemployed and living by, what I call, the grace of God. I am hoping the worst days are behind me – the mental self-torture of running the events over and over in my mind that led to the demise of a certain lifestyle (my career) in favor of what many would consider to be a high stakes risk: The fear of losing my house, which would mean a loss of independence or an undesirable location of living, the fear of losing the man I love, and the fear of not being able to run my candle business – all valid concerns that have had me on anti-anxiety meds for the first 20 days of this sabbatical.

Yet, I lay here and feel the peace of knowing, in this moment, I am exactly where I am supposed to be and doing what I am supposed to be doing. The sweet little snores of an aging Shi-Tzu lying next to me remind me of how fragile and temporal are those in our lives who we choose to love.

I’m beginning to wonder if by risking it all and giving up “life as we know it” is the only way to ever experience “the peace of God which surpasses all understanding”. The inner knowing that no matter what comes to pass, all will be alright because, unlike many men, God keeps His promises.

The first 2 weeks of being unemployed I was down with a virus so I barely recall feeling anything other than miserably sick every waking moment. I would tell myself at least 100 times a day that I have faith in the goodness and promises of God, but the panic in my stomach did not seem to be listening, hence the anti-anxiety medication.

However, eventually, the tumultuous waves crashing against me have tended towards a softer ebb and flow: the morning prayers pour forth more easily, meditation no longer seems masochistic, and I am learning to connect with the inner desires of my spirit – to honor the thoughts and ideas that spring forth from The Spirit Within.

I think I’m in for quite a ride on this journey to self-realization but I know I am not alone. My guardian angel comforts me and I AM that I AM within me quietly whispers to me to follow my intuition and heart, even though there is no promise of my mortgage or bills being paid.

At this point (which is now 2 months after having begun writing this post), I am not in a place where I can recommend risking it all for the sake of your heart’s desire, but my hope and faith in the goodness of God are strong and I intend success for I know that each and every one of us came into this world to do something more than just pay the bills.

Until the next magickal moment, may peace, love and light burn brightly within your hearts – (and may we all at least try to listen to our hearts).

The Spirit Within


The Spirit Within

Ever taken a survey? Almost every questionnaire will require that you specify your religion: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism; and many don’t even give that many choices. However, living in the 21st century has afforded us the luxury of having a vast amount of ancient wisdom and teachings, as well as an oversized portion of propaganda, at our fingertips and, at that, almost instantaneously. Of course how we choose to use the Internet is a free will decision. But, if used wisely, it can become a gift of divine will. When used correctly, our free will and the decisions we make can open the doors and gates to divine will.

Well I have taken many, many surveys and the question still stumps me today. What religion am I? Well, I almost always answer Christian because I was raised by a Church of Christ preacher and his wife. Religion, in some respects, is business, so if we are asked this question to determine where 10% of our income may be going, then maybe it’s a useful question. But what I’m getting at is that we can be very spiritual, live a life that is set apart from the ordinary, and serve a higher purpose without adhering to the tenets of one single “religion” or belief system.

I believe in the spirit within that, when accessed by our conscious mind, is able to guide us to our chosen path so that our soul’s destiny may be reached.

So, what religion is behind Candle Charms? There are Christian candles, candles honoring the heroes of Hinduism and Eastern theology, Greek God and Goddess candles, Egyptian God and Goddess candles, candles dedicated to the legends of the historic Celts and even animal spirit candles. Many may ask the question, “Did she just get confused and couldn’t make up her mind?” The answer to this question is that I am a spiritualist, one of the most ancient of all belief systems, mysticism being the most often practiced form of worship within this temple, my temple, first within my heart and also within my home which has become an outer manifestation of my soul’s worship.

Do I pray the Lord’s Prayer, chant the rosary, celebrate Christmas and Easter, read the Bible and pray constantly to my beloved Lord Jesus? Absolutely and would recommend this to anyone. Do I light incense and offer food and flowers before Buddha and do I light a flame to the most ancient Hindu deities and honor the tradition of Japa, chanting, and meditation? Yes, daily. Am I so bold as to honor sacred Sabbats in Full Moon ritual? The answer is yes, yes to all.

The path of the spirit of Candle Charms is in finding unity, beauty, truth, and divine inspiration among the vast array of the choices out there. To honor divinity is to honor the spirit within that guides us and leads us to our own path towards our individual calling and destiny. We are given a gift through the powerful, loving will of our creator, and how we choose to honor Him or Her, or them, is a gift that we can use to give to the Light by becoming all inclusive when it comes to the Light.

Even within the esoteric realm of light workers, we will find differences of opinions and methods of worship which we may or may not feel comfortable being a part of, so the spirit within must prevail in love and respect instead of biased, prejudicial, judgmental attitudes.

In choosing to walk a spiritual path, our lives, lived through short and long moments, become our daily worship. Home becomes sanctuary but also a realm of worship/a temple. By retreating from the hum-drum of the world into moments of deep silence and contemplation, the sounds of our hearts beat like ritual drums invoking a transcendental state, where we can step out of time into a shamanic dance and trance which is self-healing at a core level.

By choosing to allow ourselves to receive the golden rays of God’s light of love, we allow ourselves to surrender to this love and trust it will lead us on the path that’s meant for each of us in claiming the destiny of soul purpose, rather than having to limit our choices based on religion.

May the spirit that is within you guide you to your soul’s path.

Until the next magickal moment, may peace, love and light burn brightly within your hearts.

(Photo by Z Tech Studios)