So much for the (Holidays) Holy Days…


Have you ever met a Christian who did not celebrate Christmas as Christ’s birthday? Weird, huh? Welcome to my world and I’m not sure I can adequately explain or if I even have to but here goes …

If you’ve read my blog, you know I’m a preacher’s daughter (which are rumored by many to be the worst) but, unlike most Christians who celebrate Christmas as a spiritually miraculous night in history when the prophesied Messiah was born of a virgin (half Holy Spirit of God/half woman), my parents taught their children that Christmas had nothing to do with the birth of a Savior and Messiah nor with some made-up fake Santa Claus who had a sleigh with flying reindeer that delivered gifts to nice children. And so it was the hard core reality to my brothers, sister, and me that Santa was nothing more than mom deciding if you were good enough to get your gun or game or the baby doll you dreamed of loving under the tree or if that Christmas you were to be so sick that you could only dream of tasting the candy in your Christmas stocking. I can only remember being too sick every Christmas to even imagine enjoying all the sweets.

As much as I revere and adore this holy day, it remains a challenge to me even after 50 years. SURPRISE!!! I am over half a century old and I still am having difficulties understanding all this.

But I have celebrated Christmas over the last 3 decades how I choose and that’s progression, I think (although almost always alone). Each day is what we make it – whether a holy day or not – designated or not – each day is what we make of it. Choose the day, choose your gratefulness, choose your holy day (preferably every day) but choose a day to honor and glorify the spirit within your heart. The true meaning to me of Christmas is not what I was taught – it is lovely and nice when mom and dad buy toys for their children who have been good boys and girls – but nothing can compare to the glory of spirit in all its rejoicing of knowing that the night Jesus Christ was born was truly a Holy Night. Blessed Be this Season.


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