Just Open Your Mouth and Say “AH”


The word vibration took on a new meaning in the USA after The Beach Boys’ famous hit “Good Vibrations” hit American radio. As most of us know, the decade of the 60s was the dawning of a new era. With the arrival of gurus from the East, the western culture of America opened itself to the wisdom of ancient cultures and a generation was born that took on a persona of its own. But, as with any child, the teachings of the parent, while influential as they may be, tend to accumulate within the child as a mixture of what is taught combined with the energetic expression of the life form in which it has been birthed to create its own individual expression of its life purpose and a reflection of the age in which it’s living. So not only was this a time of insightful meditation, but also a generation of truth seekers who even used experimental drugs for tapping into parts of the brain not cognitively used, and the onset of several substantial movements (most notably Women’s Lib and Civil Rights). Much great media has been produced from and about this era and rightfully so, but I would like to write about the word “VIBRATION”.

As beings of light we, as humans, have our own individual and unique vibrational energy which contributes to the universal whole of cosmic energy and what’s wonderful is that this little tidbit of information is not just some hippy dippy mantra of a bygone groovy generation but has been proven scientifically as well. This blog post, however, is not an attempt to spew forth scientific findings.

What’s important to realize is that vibrations are not all equally strong or on the same octave so to speak. Some are slow and low while others are faster and higher. A cosmic example of this would be to compare the energy of the Sun with that of the Moon. While both provide light, they do so at opposite times and, although the Sun may burn your skin, the moonlight casts shadows on your skin. The Sun provides warmth and light for growth, the Moon regulates the tides while also providing light for growth. Many examples of various vibrational energies can be seen throughout nature and can be easily identified as similar or different especially when examining different species of life. I love both eagles and dolphins but one is of the air, the other of water.

And although we as humans are of the same species, we also vary in degree and range of vibration. One of us may exude a happy, positive, and friendly vibe while another pulses with hatred, fear, and negativity. This is simple enough for even a naïve baby to realize but what many do not know and never realize is that the vibrational energy that we produce, are, and project out into the universe can be manipulated, altered, and the range of expansion increased with mindful practice.

The principle of Divine Compensation demands that in order for the universe to grant us access to the desires of our hearts we must be in vibrational alignment with the energy of those desires. Herein lies some difficulty. However, with mindful practice we can focus our energy, thoughts, actions, words, and lives in a manner which will cause our vibration to align itself with our soul’s purpose and we will be rewarded with the desires most eminent within our spirit.

One way of increasing our vibrational energy to a higher level is to quiet the thoughts of our mind and focus on connecting our mind to that of the Divine through meditation. There are many forms of meditation but one I have found most easy and effective is a meditative practice taught by Dr. Wayne Dyer.  You simply sit in a comfortable position, take in a deep breath, open your mouth and say “AH” (holding this vibration as long as your breath will allow), and repeat for approximately 20 minutes.

Here are some further suggestions for increasing your vibration to a higher level:

If you awake early in the morning and cannot fall back asleep, get up, light a candle, and meditate.

Take a spiritual/ritual morning bath in sea salt, essential oils, or your favorite soap and meditate or say morning prayers.

Spend some time reading sacred texts or books spiritual in nature.

Listen to mp3 audio books on topics that inspire you.

Do something you love to do for an hour or so.

Focus throughout the day on thoughts that invoke positive good feelings within your mind and body. (If you are not feeling emotionally well/happy/at peace this is a signal to you that you are not in vibrational alignment with your higher self/purpose and you need to replace your thoughts with ones that make you feel good).

Sing and/or dance in joyful celebration of your life.

Take a walk outside surrounded by as much nature as possible all the while being mindful of your breath.

Before falling asleep, recall your thoughts and actions of the day and tell yourself to remember what you dream.

When you awake try to recall your dreams and how they made you feel and try to understand the correlation of the activity of your dream to how it made you feel.

There is a vast array of ways for us to raise our vibration but just remember if what you are thinking and doing are not making you feel good, these are negative vibes and are not helping you to achieve what you have come to accomplish.

Until the next magickal moment, may peace, love, and light burn brightly within your hearts and may your vibes always be GOOD VIBES!


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