The Prayer/Meditation Polarity


It’s early morn and the rain beats softly onto the ground. Wind chimes whisper in harmony with the wind and, with each breath, the vibration within plays an octave higher. My mind is off in meditation seeking answers within and without. Whoa… there’s a trap. Meditation is a daily necessity but, as most meditators know, there are moments in and outside of the space-time continuum (four dimensional space) as we progress into the 5th dimension. Polarity loves to strike when we are literally trying to straddle the fence of choosing to connect with the inner and seeking answers from a force or source that is not within our own self. Don’t misunderstand. I do believe in prayer and its power but, in my experience, prayers serve one better when they are aligning harmoniously with our intentions, although outside of meditation. My guess is that many will disagree and they may have good reasons but, with me, prayer(s) tend to get in the way during meditation of me connecting with spirit/soul/higher self. And this may come from being raised with the teaching that prayer is communicating with a powerful source outside of myself, e.g., up in Heaven. This is a belief that needs to be altered just a bit in order to reach true transcendental meditation. Jesus said: “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you” and these are words that the Church did not/does not emphasize. So, until I am successful in altering this belief/behavior pattern, I am making a conscious choice to keep prayer and meditation on 2 separate dimensions until my prayer naturally merges into my meditation. After all, prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening to God. Difficult to talk and listen at the same time.
I just thought I would post this in the event that anyone else has had or is experiencing this block.
Until the next magical moment, may your prayers be pure joy and may you find your answers in meditation.