My favorite word of any language (so far)

Ahimsa (Sanskrit: अहिंसा; IAST: ahisā, Pāli: avihisā) is a term meaning “not to injure or harm”. The word is derived from the Sanskrit root “his” meaning to hit or strike; “isā” meaning to cause injury or harm.

A-hisā is the opposite of this, meaning to cause no injury, do no harm. “And it harm none, do what ye will” reads the Wicca Reed.

Lovely is the thought of ahimsa, nonviolence, no harm and only peace that pounds throughout the hearts of men. Unfortunately, in this Kali-Yuga era of existence, violence seems not only inevitable, but guaranteed, to show up in our lives from people and places we would not expect.

In my generation we were taught that war equaled violence. But violence today shows up über all – it’s not just in the form of killing or war.

There are many avenues of violence – not just physical on the street – but ways of words and emotional drives that can land us crashed and at a dead end. How many times does violence beat its way into our lives through text messages, e-mails, phone messages and phone calls?

What is so astonishing to me is the realization that I have not only chosen my own path with such difficult people, but I have also agreed to endure the suffering that’s required for me to learn the lessons I must learn from these difficult relationships. It’s just so heart wrenching and questionable that it even sucks to write about it.

So….what is it that we must learn in order for the violence to stop? Well, I am really working on this and not sure that I have the answers but I have written a poem entitled “Teach Me to Whisper” because I know that I, too, am also guilty of spreading my own version of emotional and verbal violence.

I believe that non-violence begins with learning to be kind to, to respect, and to love one’s self. It’s a foreign concept to many but the following are some suggestions just to get started:

Begin with being nice to yourself (whatever this means to you). For me it has become relying on my keystone habits (enough sleep, meditation, yoga, exercise, eating healthy and overall balance of responsibilities in my life (those I want and those I have).

It is also important that our mind, body and spirit be aligned (like a triangle). The body is the best place to start because when you can bring your body into submission to your own will (that which will best serve you), it gets stronger and healthier. And so yoga and exercise and meditation become your allies. They assist in helping you achieve your goals because what keeps you focused has value, what burns fat after age 50 has value, and that which calms the mind in blessed reassurance of victory is priceless. Really, what would you be willing to pay for the peace which passes all understanding?

Anyway, I intended a very different post. But I guess I didn’t feel that ranting about a cell phone being used to torture and terrorize would feel very inspiring.

PLEASE, just be careful what you allow your eyes to see, what talk or music you allow your ears to hear, what food, drink or other you feed into your mouth, be careful with the smells your nose must devour, and what you allow your skin to touch. Because what we allow into our hearts, our minds, and our bodies influence who we are and who we will become.