The Living Series

The Living Series: Living intentionally, living spiritually, living intuitively, living passionately.

One of the best things one can do for one’ self is to live intentionally. Intentional living means deciding what you want for your life and how you want your life to look like and then intentionally creating that environment manifested.

In this wonderful and near perfect leading-edge environment that we live in, there are many tools which may aid us in these intentional endeavors.

Of course the most important, most powerful, tool any of us have toward manifesting any intentional endeavor is our mind. We choose not to live by default, but to take responsibility for the choices we make, the thoughts we think, the actions we take, the words we write and say, and live with a grid of intentional wants and desires, hopes and dreams, allowing it to fill-in, all in divine time. We live in hope, faith, trust and knowing that the life we choose to have we CAN have and someday WILL have as evidenced by all that we see around us.

My second favorite tool in living intentionally is meditation. One could expound for pages of books for years, decades, and centuries on the wonders and effects of the power of meditation. Meditation is not only self-care, self-love, and relaxation but, most importantly, it is a means of connecting with who you really are, your spirit/soul higher self.

However, some people find meditation challenging and even difficult. So my third favorite tool for intentional living is an aid to meditation – the intentional line of candles made by Candle charms.

Candles are not only romantic, shed light with flickering flames pleasing to the eyes, but when made with a specific intention with specific ingredients combined for a specific intention, and when focused on and burned with a specific intention, can become a powerful tool for meditation and manifestation.

Candle Charms, which are available for sale at are made with fragrances that are chosen and mixed for their energetic properties. Many may question how that is possible. The fragrance oils used in Candle Charms contain the highest quality oils on the market with the highest concentration of essential oils contained therein on the market. Every plant, herb, flower, tree has its own energy so the fragrances are mixed with the intention of combining the energies of nature’s flowers and plants that correspond and align with the intention of the candle to be created. The magic of color is added along with a sprinkle of quartz crystal to synthesize and ignite the energies. And voila!, Candle Magic.

Regardless of the various tools that people may use to live their lives intentionally and purposefully, one thing is sure – the world needs more people to decide to live intentionally.

Have a blessed day!Love



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